The Best Part of Breaking Up

The Best Part of Breaking Up

The Real Deal

The Real Deal

Friday, 21 October 2011

Frantic Friday

I stand on the precipice of a very hectic and frantic six weeks. I have no idea how I will get it all done.
And in the mist of all this madness I have signed up again for nanowrimo. 

Am I mad? Of course I am. I have hope in myself that I will be able to write two novels at the same time, write 76 college assignments and execute them, complete one art project and promote my short published on November 25th.

I love nanowrimo. I think it is a delicious concept and wonderfully conceived. I enjoyed every crazy, frenetic second of it last year.  They had campwrimo during the summer but I could not take part then. I would really be disappointed if I couldn't manage November.
Check it out Better still take part - I assure you, you won't regret it.

I will try. I will try. I will try.

I will be posting my progress here fingers crossed!


I'm filling out my book details at the moment and composing my dedication - what fun!! One of my crit partners Doris received her cover art for her short this week -
I love it. It is absolutely gorgeous and I'm sure you agree really tempting! Congratulations Doris.  

I can't wait to see the cover art for the Anthology in which my short features.  So exciting.

And to make a frantic Friday more frisky here is an excerpt from my short -

There were whores in Polynesia and streetwalkers in Shanghai who could get you off for a few dollars and a quick fuck on a dirty mattress, and it would be great sex. He could get a hot stiff ride for free in any bar in any port in any land with a coast. But nothing, absolutely nothing could match making love to the most beautiful innocent beauty that lay beside him. She had ruined him for life.

My lastest distraction Mike Vogel staring in Pan Am

And today I bought this man's book -


And when it's all too much I like to indulge in a little of this....

So many delicious little time!
Until next week folks...keep dreaming.

Saturday, 15 October 2011

Fortune Friday

Okay-Okay it's Saturday, but forgive me, real life got in the way.

So Prince Vichi was not chosen by M&B for their top 21 but that really didn't surprise me. Imbued by his gorgeousness I will motor on with his story in the hope that somewhere out there there will be a home for him.

Chapter Two is all but complete and features some very beautiful and gorgeous settings.

Every prince needs a luxury yacht. It is great fun researching these beautiful creations even if I am dying of envy while doing so.

My story is set in the fictional island of Fazzi though truthfully much of my imagined island is based on Malta. Ignoring the tourism, and all that that entails, Malta is very beautiful. It's cities of Mdina and Valetta have glorious architecture. I have mixed it up a little to include Byzantine features more suited to Venice but in any event Fazzi is ancient, fantastical and exotic.

Imagine this clinging to cliffs surrounded by a clear azure blue sea.

The Palazzo Vichi - a place Luciano has never been allowed to enter but that is about to change.

Fazzi castle I love castles and parapets and machicolations so naturally the castle will feature.  

Narrow streets for clandestine kisses.

I love this little world where Luciano must find his way with a little help from his beautiful Veronia.

And as everyone is so curious about her - this is how I imagine Veroinca looks like.

And while all that is happening - this guy is giving me a little nudge to tell his short.

The life of a romance writer is so hard ;).

Until next time folks - keep dreaming, writing and romancing. xo

Friday, 7 October 2011

Flirty Friday

Indulging in a little online shopping last night I purchased some vintage Sandra Marton books. I have most of her back catalogue stored away in my M&B box along with some of my all time favourite category romances from Abby Green, Natalie Anderson, Jennie Lucas and Sharon Kendrick. So opening up Pandora's box I thought I would share with you some of its rich pickings for a flirty Friday.

Abby Green Ruthless Greek Boss, Secretary Mistress
The opening chapters to this book are some of my all time favourite reads.  Abby's hero is delicious and the scene where he realises that he fancies his secretary is smouldering.

Natalie Anderson Caught on Camera with the CEO
I love everything Natalie Anderson writes but this book is a particular favourite amongst many favourites. A great meet cute is followed by a spectacular kiss and the hero is to die for. Serious sparks fly between the H&H on every page.

Kathleen O'Brien A Forgotten Magic
This book is so poignant. I have always found it a breathtaking read. Packed with emotion, sadness and longing it is a real weepy.

Jennie Lucas The Innocent's Dark Seduction
One of the best 'black moments' that I have ever read features in this book. It cuts through the heart and leaves you breathless. From begining to end this story races along and is punctuated with dark emotions and intense chemistry between the H&H.

Sandra Marton The Sexiest Man Alive
My all time favourite. The book I will never throw away. I love everything about it from the characters to their story. From the first meet cute sparks fly and the H&H go up in flames.
Mary Lyons Hurricane
The first M&B I bought at a school bazaar when I was really too young to have it. As it was my first I have kept it all this time.  It's falling apart and the pages are yellowing but it was the story that sparked the love affair between me and M&B.

Finally my friend Raven McAllan's debut novel Wallsflowers Don't Wilt was released today.  A big congratulations to her for making her dream come through. You can purchase it from  

So good night dear people. Tomorrow is an early start to cheer on the boys in green. 
Until next Friday when hopefully we will still be celebrating. ;)