The Best Part of Breaking Up

The Best Part of Breaking Up

The Real Deal

The Real Deal

Saturday, 15 October 2011

Fortune Friday

Okay-Okay it's Saturday, but forgive me, real life got in the way.

So Prince Vichi was not chosen by M&B for their top 21 but that really didn't surprise me. Imbued by his gorgeousness I will motor on with his story in the hope that somewhere out there there will be a home for him.

Chapter Two is all but complete and features some very beautiful and gorgeous settings.

Every prince needs a luxury yacht. It is great fun researching these beautiful creations even if I am dying of envy while doing so.

My story is set in the fictional island of Fazzi though truthfully much of my imagined island is based on Malta. Ignoring the tourism, and all that that entails, Malta is very beautiful. It's cities of Mdina and Valetta have glorious architecture. I have mixed it up a little to include Byzantine features more suited to Venice but in any event Fazzi is ancient, fantastical and exotic.

Imagine this clinging to cliffs surrounded by a clear azure blue sea.

The Palazzo Vichi - a place Luciano has never been allowed to enter but that is about to change.

Fazzi castle I love castles and parapets and machicolations so naturally the castle will feature.  

Narrow streets for clandestine kisses.

I love this little world where Luciano must find his way with a little help from his beautiful Veronia.

And as everyone is so curious about her - this is how I imagine Veroinca looks like.

And while all that is happening - this guy is giving me a little nudge to tell his short.

The life of a romance writer is so hard ;).

Until next time folks - keep dreaming, writing and romancing. xo


  1. Dare I ask you to park Prince Vichi and write that guy's story. He's way too hot to be left dangling for too long. LOL

  2. Agree with above, though I do love the prince.