The Best Part of Breaking Up

The Best Part of Breaking Up

The Real Deal

The Real Deal

Friday, 13 January 2012


Today I have been thinking about crushes. Those delicious and decadent moments you allow yourself to dream of a certain man being yours. Real life crushes can be disappointing and unfufilled but the crushes you can foster and harvest by adoring a favourite actor or celebrity can be very rewarding. There's nothing like being able to drink your fill of your crush by watching him on the box and with that lovely 'live pause' and rewind you can prolong the pleasure forever....
In the real world if I were to spend my day staring unblinking at my real life crush I'd probably be arrested and committed but oh I can stare wide eyed all I like at the television and enjoy my crush undeterred.
Some of my crushes are obvious and more are completely obscure and I cannot explain why they exist. It's personal taste and for me it's tasty! So here are a few of my crushes and you may agree or disagree but in my head I'm having a romantic liason with one of these gentlemen every week. Sigh.
Josh Lucas

Mike Vogel

Bradley Cooper

Laurence Fox

James D'arcy

Daniel Stevens

Benedict Cumberbatch

Dan Ewing

Seeing them all in one place it appears I have a thing for blue eyed, strawberry blondes. What a cliché [giggle].
It's the weekend so plenty of delicious sleep time to dream about one of these cuties.  What's your fantasy crush?


  1. Though I'm not as partial to strawberry blondes and blue eyes I dig your pick. I'd like to add one more to your hall of hotness though, Jason Momoa. Granted not all his pictures show him in the best light and a guy that has longer hair than me is always a no no. But, I've just watched Conan the Barbarian and just for that deep voice, those penetrating eyes and that bronzed Greek God type body I'll oversee those other things, just this once ;-) Check him out if you haven't seen the movie already.