The Best Part of Breaking Up

The Best Part of Breaking Up

The Real Deal

The Real Deal

Thursday, 9 February 2012

Procrastination Be Gone Hello Productivity

Well, well, well it's been a good week in the writing cave!  Finally chapter six of princey is finished, chapter seven is being edited and I had time to knock out 1.5k of a Valentine's story to add to the Valentine's Challenge over at The Nuthouse Scribblers. Do I feel like a writer again? Absolutely.

What brought on this sudden burst of energy and new work ethic you might ask?  Well I shared chapter one of princey with a work colleague and now she wants a chapter every other day so rather than disappoint her I am writing it - after all I can't face into work in the morning knowing she knows I failed the night before. Good plan? Good plan until I hit the next brick wall but hopefully by then I'll have typed THE END on princey. 

Last weekend I watched a quirky little RomCom with Mr. Romance himself Ryan Gosling called Crazy, Stupid, Love. It's just a nice Sunday afternoon kind of a movie but what stood out for me was the dialogue, there are some cracking one liners in it.  Take a peak if you haven't seen it ....

And as an example of the cracking dialogue and just because Ryan is in it here's another one to tickle your fancy...

If someone would see fit to snatch up Mr. Gosling, wrap him and forward him to me for the 14th I'd be much obliged and pleased.

On Valentine's Eve I'll be back over at the Nuthouse writing about love, romance, Valentines and the Irish connection. I'll be sharing a snippet of princey and giving away a digital copy of Hot Shots Vol 2 so knock on the door of the Nuthouse on March 14th and I'll let you in ;P

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