The Best Part of Breaking Up

The Best Part of Breaking Up

The Real Deal

The Real Deal

Sunday, 27 January 2013

#SexySnippets The Honest Truth

My seven sexy snippets comes this week from my short story featuring on the Nuthouse for Valentine's Day.  Check out the Nuthouse from February 4th for this story and all the Valentine's stories featured there during the month. 

"Play nice Lexi. Remember how nice youwere on the balcony at Claridges?"
"I remember nothing of the sort."
"Liar," he growled and kissed herhard.
It took her all of five seconds to succumband open her lips beneath his in an age old invitation. She remembered thebalcony in violent Technicolour. Will had persuaded her down to her slip thatnight. His hands on her skin, his lips in her hair, his p.... well it was bestnot to remember that!  Lexi pushed himaway. 

The Blurb 

 Leaving from platform 14

Please take your seats, the train is about to depart.

An assortment of passengers boarded. Once they are settled a bevy of smiling waiters handed each of them a glass of champagne or soft drink and a sealed package—"to be opened as we enter the tunnel."
The waiters disappear and the train gathers speed.
There is an announcement over the tannoy.
"We are about to enter the tunnel of love. Please open your packages now." The lights dimmed leaving a soft glow, just enough to read by.

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Sunday, 20 January 2013

#Sexy Snippets Wine & Nine

My seven sexy sentences this Sunday come from my new short story released in an anthology with my fellow writers at the Nuthouse. Please follow the other authors from the list of blogs at the end of this post.  

"Alright love it's time," Shona patted her knee, "Go find that guy!"The others chorused in agreement."What about the drummer?"  Sheenagh suggested as the resident band began their set on the small platform across the bar from where the group sat.Kitty shook her head. She puffed a heavy breath from her lungs as her eyes locked with the steel grey gaze of Vitto. "Give me that." catching up her Appletini she knocked it back, "I know just the guy."A chorus of ohhs and ahhs followed her as Kitty strode with vodka laced courage towards the barman.  His face acknowledged her approach. He uncoiled his big body from the door frame he was standing within. The grey of his eyes turned to slate as interest and desire flushed his cheeks. Normally blind to men Kitty was feeling every wave of desire radiating from this one. 

The Blurb Magic Mac and his Mystical tours, the brochure said. What it didn't tell the participants of this coach trip is that the quaint Scottish Inn they stopped at held a secret.When you add women, wine, and men the outcome is never certain. Will it be happy ever after or is this just the beginning?Find out in these nine scorching erotic short stories, guaranteed to raise a kilt or two.

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Sunday, 13 January 2013

#Sexy Snippets The Real Deal

Today's seven sentences come from my first published story 'The Real Deal' as part of the Hot Shots 2 Anthology.

When he pulled back the door, she was standing there in all her naked beauty, but the most naked part of her was the expression on her face. She wasn’t sure, she thought something was wrong. And she was right, because everything was wrong when she looked like that. He drew her into his arms and kissed her doubts and his away. “Be quick, we’ve got round three to start, babe.” “What’s round three?” “It’s where I pour vodka on you and lick it off. Trust me, you’ll love it.”

 The Blurb 

A fifth generation fighter pilot, Jake is on a forty-eight hour leave looking for the prettiest pussy in town. An innocent beauty captures his heart. Jake Cummins is on forty-eight hours leave and is looking for the prettiest pussy in town. A fifth generation fighter pilot he likes everything fast, his jets, his drink and his women. After six months on tour of the pacific he is in desperate need of a good dose of dirty fucking. His choice is no meek little flower. In fact this Irish Venus Fly Trap sets his temper and dick on fire. Somewhere the universe has tilted and the innocent beauty in the bedroom has surprised her way into his heart.

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Sunday, 6 January 2013

#SexySnippets The Best Part of Breaking Up

The ladies and I of the Nuthouse are starting a new venture today called #SexySnippets one of many events we will be sharing with you in 2013. 

Every Sunday we will be sharing seven sexy sentences from our current WIP or published work. 

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My seven sentences this week come from my current work in progress "The Best Part of Breaking Up". This is my 2012 NaNoWriMo work. Enjoy. :)

He toed his shoes off. Her peekabo thigh disappeared beneath the bubbles and its partner appeared as Jenna undulated gently in the water. It was too good to resist.  Forgetting every other thought instinct propelled him forward. He sat at the edge of the bath and without invitation; he stretched out a calloused hand and drew a small circle around one pink petaled nipple.  
Her moan of pleasure was enough. 
Fully clothed, he stepped into the bath, drew his sexy vet forward from her bubbled cocoon and kissed her like any other caveman would do. 

The Blurb

RAFE MCGRAW is a man's man, hard working with little time for sentiment. He understands two things – cattle and women. Cattle need water and feed. Women need civilisation. A cattle station in the arid landscape of Australia's Top End is not civilisation. Cattle muster, in particular his cattle muster, where he must protect fifteen hundred head of cattle and twelve men is no place for a woman. When the new flying vet turns out to be female Rafe is hell bent on ensuring his assets are not destroyed by a gorgeous red head with curves.
JENNA DAVIDSON has returned home, after ten years away in Scotland, where she studied to be a vet. She's swapped highland estates and herds of Deer and Aberdeen Angus for the tropical, barren, wilderness of the Flying Vet Service. Her parents are horrified, her friends think she has finally gone crazy but Jenna knows that she does not want a life looking after small animals in a veterinary clinic in Darwin. She is not naive enough to know it won't be difficult. The land is hard and the people are hard and there are very few women vets attending the cattle stations. Her first job is Idle Bridge Station, a simple five day check and certify job, simple if the herd count were one hundred not fifteen hundred, simple if the grazier were a big, burly, sexagenarian who was amused by a female vet. Not so simple when the grazier is a six foot one inch, thirty year old caveman, who believes women should not play in a man's world. Jenna plans to teach him a thing or two about women. It's the twenty first century and she is a twenty first century woman!

I'm currently polishing and editing this work and look forward to finding it a home in the next few months. 

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Wednesday, 2 January 2013

A New Year

2013 is only a day old and already I'm feeling more positive. The year just gone was at times hard work, sometimes a lot of fun and threw up a lot of surprises.  The year to come is already a busy one with an important wedding to attend, a bachelorette party to organise, a club to run and a new job to start. Among all these events I must find the time to write and thirty-seven hours after the bells tolled in the New Year I have a new story published with my writer friends over at the Nuthouse called 'Wine & Nine',  I  have edited eight chapters of my WIP, signed up for Sexy Snippets and begun constructing my Valentine's Day short. All and all a good start.  If I have one resolution this year it is to get 50k published.  I better crack on with it. Happy New Year Folks :).