The Best Part of Breaking Up

The Best Part of Breaking Up

The Real Deal

The Real Deal

Sunday, 6 January 2013

#SexySnippets The Best Part of Breaking Up

The ladies and I of the Nuthouse are starting a new venture today called #SexySnippets one of many events we will be sharing with you in 2013. 

Every Sunday we will be sharing seven sexy sentences from our current WIP or published work. 

To follow the other authors click the the picture below and it will lead you to the list of writers in the Nuthouse. 

My seven sentences this week come from my current work in progress "The Best Part of Breaking Up". This is my 2012 NaNoWriMo work. Enjoy. :)

He toed his shoes off. Her peekabo thigh disappeared beneath the bubbles and its partner appeared as Jenna undulated gently in the water. It was too good to resist.  Forgetting every other thought instinct propelled him forward. He sat at the edge of the bath and without invitation; he stretched out a calloused hand and drew a small circle around one pink petaled nipple.  
Her moan of pleasure was enough. 
Fully clothed, he stepped into the bath, drew his sexy vet forward from her bubbled cocoon and kissed her like any other caveman would do. 

The Blurb

RAFE MCGRAW is a man's man, hard working with little time for sentiment. He understands two things – cattle and women. Cattle need water and feed. Women need civilisation. A cattle station in the arid landscape of Australia's Top End is not civilisation. Cattle muster, in particular his cattle muster, where he must protect fifteen hundred head of cattle and twelve men is no place for a woman. When the new flying vet turns out to be female Rafe is hell bent on ensuring his assets are not destroyed by a gorgeous red head with curves.
JENNA DAVIDSON has returned home, after ten years away in Scotland, where she studied to be a vet. She's swapped highland estates and herds of Deer and Aberdeen Angus for the tropical, barren, wilderness of the Flying Vet Service. Her parents are horrified, her friends think she has finally gone crazy but Jenna knows that she does not want a life looking after small animals in a veterinary clinic in Darwin. She is not naive enough to know it won't be difficult. The land is hard and the people are hard and there are very few women vets attending the cattle stations. Her first job is Idle Bridge Station, a simple five day check and certify job, simple if the herd count were one hundred not fifteen hundred, simple if the grazier were a big, burly, sexagenarian who was amused by a female vet. Not so simple when the grazier is a six foot one inch, thirty year old caveman, who believes women should not play in a man's world. Jenna plans to teach him a thing or two about women. It's the twenty first century and she is a twenty first century woman!

I'm currently polishing and editing this work and look forward to finding it a home in the next few months. 

Don't forget to check out the works of my writer buddies by clicking the first picture. Until next week.....


  1. Ohh, I do love a bit of a cave man ;-)

  2. LOL. Love the caveman reference. Fully clothed in the bath? Sexy.

  3. Hmm Looks like he's just getting started!