The Best Part of Breaking Up

The Best Part of Breaking Up

The Real Deal

The Real Deal

Sunday, 27 January 2013

#SexySnippets The Honest Truth

My seven sexy snippets comes this week from my short story featuring on the Nuthouse for Valentine's Day.  Check out the Nuthouse from February 4th for this story and all the Valentine's stories featured there during the month. 

"Play nice Lexi. Remember how nice youwere on the balcony at Claridges?"
"I remember nothing of the sort."
"Liar," he growled and kissed herhard.
It took her all of five seconds to succumband open her lips beneath his in an age old invitation. She remembered thebalcony in violent Technicolour. Will had persuaded her down to her slip thatnight. His hands on her skin, his lips in her hair, his p.... well it was bestnot to remember that!  Lexi pushed himaway. 

The Blurb 

 Leaving from platform 14

Please take your seats, the train is about to depart.

An assortment of passengers boarded. Once they are settled a bevy of smiling waiters handed each of them a glass of champagne or soft drink and a sealed package—"to be opened as we enter the tunnel."
The waiters disappear and the train gathers speed.
There is an announcement over the tannoy.
"We are about to enter the tunnel of love. Please open your packages now." The lights dimmed leaving a soft glow, just enough to read by.

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  1. What went on on that balcony, huh? ;-)

  2. I look forward to reading the full thing, Alannah!