The Best Part of Breaking Up

The Best Part of Breaking Up

The Real Deal

The Real Deal

Sunday, 24 February 2013

#Sexy Snippets The Best Part of Breaking Up

I'm editing my NaNoWriMo work and telling myself that I SHALL submit it for consideration. My gumption has deserted me a little but I'm not one to be frightened off and I will fight my own doubt and just do it.  My friend is reading the ms at the moment and doesn't want to finish it because she likes it so much which is of no use to me at all (flattering) but really useless :)


"Let me get the tent up," he said.
"Is that a euphemism." She wiggled her eyebrows at him.
Rafe groaned, hooked a finger into the waistband of her panties and pulled her in close.
"I want to make love to you now. I'm so excited it will be rough and fast and probably awful. I think we should slow down a little. Put up the tent and try to enjoy this with a little comfort."
Jenna rolled her eyes, "There's mister old fashioned emerging again." She arched on her toes and whispered against Rafe's ear.
"I might want it fast and rough."

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Sunday, 17 February 2013

#Sexy Snippets A Princely Pursuit

My seven sexy snippets come from my come back WIP. The first story I wrote when I started writing again three years ago. Many are waiting for me to finish Princey's story but sometimes finishing it feels like ending it with my handsome prince. I have a fierce 'grĂ¡' for him as they would say here in Ireland. Writing the end might be too painful :).

“Take it off.”  He ordered roughly as he pulled on his belt buckle and dragged 
 the trouser zipper down.  Veronica caught the hem of her dress and did what he asked pulling it over her head, dropping it to the floor.  She had worn black underwear that made the prince mutter in Italian when he saw them. 
“Hardly virginal sweetheart.”  Luciano shook his head and bent to caress the crests of her breasts above the bra cups with his mouth.  His hands spanned under their heavy carriage,pushing those globes up so they were spilling from their support.  Then both large hands were holding her breasts, pushing them in and out. 
Veronica arched her back, closed her eyes and felt him drag a strap from her shoulder with his teeth one cup at a time until her bra was pushed around her waist and her naked breasts were being manipulated by him. 

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