The Best Part of Breaking Up

The Best Part of Breaking Up

The Real Deal

The Real Deal

Sunday, 26 October 2014

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Hola from a very sunny Lanzarote this morning. My internet connection is shocking so excuse me for posting so late today and for a not so sexy snippet.  Nanowrimo begins next weekend and I am planning my outline for my sexy sheikh while lying at the beach :)  I have a few words written for this story and I'm sharing them here today more of  a teaser than a sexy snippet (sorry xx)

Rahim has employed Eliza to excavate one of the most important ancient sites in his kingdom. He hopes to create a tourism industry that will bring prosperity to his people but he has enemies that want rid of him and they will quickly discover that his one weakness is the western woman he has employed as lead archaeologist on the dig.  


"The cavalry have arrived," Rahim sneered and she saw the grimace turn to a scowl on his face. 
"Get your things Now! My men aren't interested in protecting us in this weak site." 
"You're overreacting."
Rahim grabbed Eliza's elbow and shook it, "They have injured thirty people today. It would have been many more if they weren't so amateurish with making their bomb. It won't be long for them to figure out that a woman like you would be a prize possession."

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Saturday, 9 August 2014

#sexysnippets My Sheikh

While procrastinating between finishing my college sweethearts story my new sheikh story kept nudging me. This sheikh of mine is demanding to be heard!! This week my seven sentences come from 'Forgetting  to Remember You" my story about the archaeologist and the sheikh. 

Rahim let go of her waist and she landed delicately on a pair of six inch, silver, sequined heels.This woman was a harlot.Her place was in a harem not giving him advice on one of the most important programmes of government his country had ever had."Then may the Gods help you Eliza. I fully intend to protect myself where you are concerned."  He gripped her chin with his long fingers. "You may never need to fight off gangs of white slave traders but you will have to fight me."  His mouth hovered over hers. 

I do love a Sheikh :)  and he'll keep me company while waiting for my story with Evernight Publishing to be released. 

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Sunday, 3 August 2014

#sexysnippets new wip/old wip

Happy sexy snippets Sunday folks.  In the writing cave this weekend I'm inbox stalking waiting to see if the publisher likes the changes I've made to 'The Best Part of Breaking Up' and will they go ahead and accept it eeek :)

Naturally I'm turning my head to other projects and it's a real struggle this week to tell my Sheikh story (he is very vocal) or finish my wip 'Unrequited' which is a lot further down the line in the writing process. I started 'Unrequited' roughly two years ago and it's a tale very close to my heart very loosely based on someone very dear to me.

So today's seven sexy snippets comes from 'Unrequited'. The story is based on the relationship of Emmeline and Alex who have been friends since college and the consequences of failing for your best friend and what happens when you've got to work at a relationship not just dream about it.

At the beginning of the story the two would be lovers have been estranged for a number of years but absence makes the heart grow fonder and very swiftly their platonic relationship turns hot. In this scene Alex is returning from a conference in a plush Las Vegas hotel while Emme has spent the day sampling the delights of the hotel spa, stuck in the elevator with other guests there is little one another can do other than tease :)

   ‘Nice robe,’ he told her quietly raising an eyebrow suggestively.

Emme raised her face and looked directly at her lover noting the molten heat in the dark depths of his pupils.   She ought to be embarrassed the other couple in the lift were not hiding their curiosity.He was such a tease!
   ‘Compliments of the’s very soft.’  She stroked along the collar of the robe which drew Alex’s eyes downwards.
   ‘Looks you could bury yourself in it.’

    Emme narrowed her eyes at him smugly, ‘Yes you could bury yourself deep.’ 

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Sunday, 20 July 2014

7 Sexy Snippets Unrequited #sextsnippets

I'm doing my final edits of 'The Best Part of Breaking Up' and my mind is turning towards what to do next. I'm thinking of dusting off an older wip and giving it a good edit to submit it next. 
Unrequited is a story about loving your best friend and not being able to tell them and finding out when the feelings are reciprocated that it can be very difficult getting exactly what you always wanted.

   She forgot all that in a second enjoying watching Alex in his navy suit looking every inch the handsome, successful man that he really was.  With the confidence of happiness she bridged the gap between them and with a determined tug on his red, silk tie she pulled him into her arms. 
   ‘I need to be kissed,’ she whispered into the curve of his neck.
   ‘Where do you need to be kissed Emme?’
   She cocked her head back to look at him squarely in the face and honestly she said, ‘Everywhere.  I need to be kissed everywhere.’
   Alex’s lips twitched in amusement.  His lips touched hers in the briefest and gentlest of caresses. 

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Sunday, 1 June 2014

#sexysnippets Revise Resubmit

My seven sexy snippets this week come from my story 'The Best Part of Breaking Up'.  I have a revise and resubmit on this wip at present and I am editing it again to return it to the publisher.

The story is centered around Rafe and Jenna. He is a farmer in the wild Australian Outback and she is the flying vet. Sparks fly immediately between them and is compounded when they are forced to spend days alone lost in the desert together.

 He wasn't asking permission when he lifted her face up with the tips of his fingers. She wasn't denying him when his mouth took her lower lip and worried it gently. The word echoed in both of them as Jenna stepped closer and Rafe anchored her to him with his good arm. His lips roved over hers and she opened her mouth greedily as he slipped his tongue between her teeth. A satisfied moan of pleasure reverberated in her throat matched by his excited groan.
Her nipples grazed the front of his shirt, his hand stroked the curve of her back and swept down to 

cup her bottom and brought her in direct contact with his erection. She gasped in his mouth and he 

deepened their kiss tangling, his tongue around hers, biting down into her soft flesh, as he took his 

time exploring her delectable mouth. 

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Sunday, 23 March 2014

#SexySnippets The Honest Truth

Sometimes I wonder about my brain. Last week I was doing a spring clean of this blog and thought to add my free reads that have featured over on the Nuthouse Scribblers blog here. I thought I had been very good, remembering all that I had written, for different occassions that the Nuthouse do free reads.  Then this morning I came across one I forgot to include. Shock. Horror. It was one of my favourites too. Sometimes I love how my head creates these amazing worlds, worlds where I can get lost and hopefully readers will too. My seven sexy snippets come from my free read from Valentine's Day 2013 called The Honest Truth where all the stories were set on a train. I love old steam trains and stories set upon them. Obviously Murder on the Orient Express is a firm favourite but Hitchcock's 'The Lady Vanishes' both the 1938 and the 1979 versions are great movies and I adore the Chanel No. 5 advertisement with Audrey Tautou

The Honest Truth is a short story about Lexi who is sent off on a train trip across Europe by her grandmother in the hopes that she might meet her soul mate but things aren't quite what they seem and sometimes when you go searching for something you discover it was at home all along... 

She took the daring teddy from him and took three steps into the tiny ensuite attached to her compartment. 
It didn't take long. The red lace covered her breasts and mound but she was bare everywhere else and the three small triangles where transparent. William was in his boxers when she stepped out. 
"Rarr," he simply said. Lexi blushed to the roots of her hair. "Jesus Lexi you're hotter than a firecracker lit at both ends." 

You can read the full story here by clicking the free reads tab or on The Nuthouse Scribblers 

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Sunday, 16 March 2014

#SexySnippets Forgetting to Remember You

My seven sexy snippets come from another free read today that I am planning on turning into a project for Camp NaNoWriMo next month.  Camp NaNo is an idyllic retreat away from November's NaNoWriMo where writers sent up tent or hang out in a forest cabin to write their tales during April with flexible word goals from 10k to 99999k. Beginning on April's Fool's Day (and that's no joke).

My story tells the tale of Sheikh Rahim Sayf bin Hasnawi and the archaeologist he has hired to over see the excavation of the most significant ancient site in his kingdom.  There are lots of wild desert moon filled nights, silk tents, bandits and the odd Persian carpet.  I might throw in a Genie for luck.  :)

"...There are gangs that roam the sands looking for women. A white woman would be a great trophy." Rahim's lips hovered over her own. 
"Would you like them to own you?" he muttered breathing in her flowery scent. 
"Would you like them to take you?" He pressed his growing erection against the flat planes of her stomach. 
"Would you have them sell you to the highest bidder?"
"You would protect me."  Her words were self assured and confident.
"Habibi, you need protecting from me most of all."

I'm PinInteresting with glee at the moment and have been influenced by Game of Thrones that I've just started watching.  Though my hero got threatened by another yesterday while watching the Ireland/France Rugby.  Such difficult decisions to be made, writing is so hard.....

Who to choose?

You can read the full opening scene to this story by clicking on the Free Read tab above and scrolling down to 'This is How it Starts'  

It's been a good week in the writing cave I'm polishing up my WIP and submitting it so a busy couple of weeks ahead. 

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Sunday, 9 March 2014

#SexySnippets The Boy the Tiger Ate

My seven sexy snippets come from a short free read that featured on the Nuthouse blog during the summer. It just slipped from my fingertips with no effort at all and is one of those pieces that when I read it back I forget I wrote it. One of my favourites and maybe just maybe I'll elongate it and make it into a full story at some point.

The Boy the Tiger Ate is a circus story about the lost souls that inhabit its world and how love can be found anywhere.

Giuseppe didn't utter a word as she undressed in front of him. His throat was desert dry as she swayed and shimmied towards him, her body creamy, silken and exposed to his hungry gaze. He had seen dirty postcards of women but reality was so much better.
"I've felt you watch me. It's turned me on." She shucked out of her bottoms, came to stand right in front of him and reached for him again.
Giuseppe caught her hand in one of his big calloused palms.
"I am a monster," he whispered.
"Because you survived the tiger? Don't you know that makes you a God? These are the marks of a warrior. A boy so strong he was eaten by a tiger and lived." Cathy placed her soft lips on a bite scar over his right nipple.

The full story is free to read on the Nuthouse blog 

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Sunday, 16 February 2014

#7SexySnippets UnRequited

My snippet is late today :(( after some technical difficulties. My seven sentences comes from my WIP 'Unrequited'  a story about loving someone you'll probably never get to have.  

Imbued with limitless adrenalin carrying her upstairs was easy.  Letting her go for even a second longer than was necessary was not.  She hadn’t been out of his arms since she had instigated that mad, unexpected kiss.

   ‘Stop being so damn noble and macho!’ her words still spoke in his ears. He had no intention of being noble now. Every thought in his head was indecent. He was going to be macho.  He was a macho guy and he was going to rock her world.

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Sunday, 9 February 2014

#SexySnippets Losing and Finding your muse

Do you need a muse to be creative?  To find the words? To paint the picture? I've often found the people who inspire the stories I write are often more of a hindrance. After all they are real and the stories I wish to write are escapist....fantasy.

I make pin boards of things that inspire me, of faces that I wish my characters resembled and I use situations, snippets of conversations and people that intrigue me to create the story. Then I get stuck because at the end of the day the heroine is always me and the hero is some vague, blurry image in my head who appears and tells me his story while always being just that finger touch out of reach.

Lately he has sat just at the far side of my creativity, nudging me that there is a story to be told but refusing to tell it to me. So my muse is a ghost, a voice that only speaks when I forget about the real world and don't seek inspiration from it. Meave Binchy once said "Write about what you know." but I find this so limiting. I want to disappear from what I know for the hours it takes me to create a new story. I don't wish to relive it.

Who am I to question the great Meave Binchy it clearly worked for her but for me.....well I guess my imagination is more tantalising than reality.    Lately I have had little desire to swim in my imagination, to dream, to create, so I've begun revisiting those fantasies and stories I have created already.  My seven Sexy Snippets comes from my first completed NANOWRIMO.

NANOWRIMO is one of my favourite things but I have been unable to participate of late so to kick my ass into gear and to find my shadowy hero once more I am reading my 2010 entry.  

D'Anver's Saviour is the story of the second son who inherits everything but needs a special lady to show him he deserves it.

There is nothing realistic about the sexy vineyard owner and the stabilising presence of his nanny but it's still fun :) 

Étienne’s hand moulded her curves, trailing a path up her stomach and over the mounds of her breasts beneath her t-shirt.  Lightly he pinched a burgeoning nipple under the fabric. Effie gasped into his mouth.
‘Oui beauté,’ He encouraged flattening a large hand over her full breast and massaging it gently.  The breath whooshed from her and Effie clung to her boss knowing she could slide to the ground if she did not.
Please touch me. She begged silently but Étienne seemed to instinctively know.  His hands were under her t-shirt now, teasing along her stomach and over her rib cage. Finding the lace bra she wore with a gentle tug he removed the cup from his prize.  

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