The Best Part of Breaking Up

The Best Part of Breaking Up

The Real Deal

The Real Deal

Sunday, 9 February 2014

#SexySnippets Losing and Finding your muse

Do you need a muse to be creative?  To find the words? To paint the picture? I've often found the people who inspire the stories I write are often more of a hindrance. After all they are real and the stories I wish to write are escapist....fantasy.

I make pin boards of things that inspire me, of faces that I wish my characters resembled and I use situations, snippets of conversations and people that intrigue me to create the story. Then I get stuck because at the end of the day the heroine is always me and the hero is some vague, blurry image in my head who appears and tells me his story while always being just that finger touch out of reach.

Lately he has sat just at the far side of my creativity, nudging me that there is a story to be told but refusing to tell it to me. So my muse is a ghost, a voice that only speaks when I forget about the real world and don't seek inspiration from it. Meave Binchy once said "Write about what you know." but I find this so limiting. I want to disappear from what I know for the hours it takes me to create a new story. I don't wish to relive it.

Who am I to question the great Meave Binchy it clearly worked for her but for me.....well I guess my imagination is more tantalising than reality.    Lately I have had little desire to swim in my imagination, to dream, to create, so I've begun revisiting those fantasies and stories I have created already.  My seven Sexy Snippets comes from my first completed NANOWRIMO.

NANOWRIMO is one of my favourite things but I have been unable to participate of late so to kick my ass into gear and to find my shadowy hero once more I am reading my 2010 entry.  

D'Anver's Saviour is the story of the second son who inherits everything but needs a special lady to show him he deserves it.

There is nothing realistic about the sexy vineyard owner and the stabilising presence of his nanny but it's still fun :) 

Étienne’s hand moulded her curves, trailing a path up her stomach and over the mounds of her breasts beneath her t-shirt.  Lightly he pinched a burgeoning nipple under the fabric. Effie gasped into his mouth.
‘Oui beauté,’ He encouraged flattening a large hand over her full breast and massaging it gently.  The breath whooshed from her and Effie clung to her boss knowing she could slide to the ground if she did not.
Please touch me. She begged silently but Étienne seemed to instinctively know.  His hands were under her t-shirt now, teasing along her stomach and over her rib cage. Finding the lace bra she wore with a gentle tug he removed the cup from his prize.  

Click on the image above to visit the other authors participating in seven sexy snippets. 


  1. This awakens all my senses. Love it.
    I hope you start writing again soon.