The Best Part of Breaking Up

The Best Part of Breaking Up

The Real Deal

The Real Deal

Sunday, 23 March 2014

#SexySnippets The Honest Truth

Sometimes I wonder about my brain. Last week I was doing a spring clean of this blog and thought to add my free reads that have featured over on the Nuthouse Scribblers blog here. I thought I had been very good, remembering all that I had written, for different occassions that the Nuthouse do free reads.  Then this morning I came across one I forgot to include. Shock. Horror. It was one of my favourites too. Sometimes I love how my head creates these amazing worlds, worlds where I can get lost and hopefully readers will too. My seven sexy snippets come from my free read from Valentine's Day 2013 called The Honest Truth where all the stories were set on a train. I love old steam trains and stories set upon them. Obviously Murder on the Orient Express is a firm favourite but Hitchcock's 'The Lady Vanishes' both the 1938 and the 1979 versions are great movies and I adore the Chanel No. 5 advertisement with Audrey Tautou

The Honest Truth is a short story about Lexi who is sent off on a train trip across Europe by her grandmother in the hopes that she might meet her soul mate but things aren't quite what they seem and sometimes when you go searching for something you discover it was at home all along... 

She took the daring teddy from him and took three steps into the tiny ensuite attached to her compartment. 
It didn't take long. The red lace covered her breasts and mound but she was bare everywhere else and the three small triangles where transparent. William was in his boxers when she stepped out. 
"Rarr," he simply said. Lexi blushed to the roots of her hair. "Jesus Lexi you're hotter than a firecracker lit at both ends." 

You can read the full story here by clicking the free reads tab or on The Nuthouse Scribblers 

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Sunday, 16 March 2014

#SexySnippets Forgetting to Remember You

My seven sexy snippets come from another free read today that I am planning on turning into a project for Camp NaNoWriMo next month.  Camp NaNo is an idyllic retreat away from November's NaNoWriMo where writers sent up tent or hang out in a forest cabin to write their tales during April with flexible word goals from 10k to 99999k. Beginning on April's Fool's Day (and that's no joke).

My story tells the tale of Sheikh Rahim Sayf bin Hasnawi and the archaeologist he has hired to over see the excavation of the most significant ancient site in his kingdom.  There are lots of wild desert moon filled nights, silk tents, bandits and the odd Persian carpet.  I might throw in a Genie for luck.  :)

"...There are gangs that roam the sands looking for women. A white woman would be a great trophy." Rahim's lips hovered over her own. 
"Would you like them to own you?" he muttered breathing in her flowery scent. 
"Would you like them to take you?" He pressed his growing erection against the flat planes of her stomach. 
"Would you have them sell you to the highest bidder?"
"You would protect me."  Her words were self assured and confident.
"Habibi, you need protecting from me most of all."

I'm PinInteresting with glee at the moment and have been influenced by Game of Thrones that I've just started watching.  Though my hero got threatened by another yesterday while watching the Ireland/France Rugby.  Such difficult decisions to be made, writing is so hard.....

Who to choose?

You can read the full opening scene to this story by clicking on the Free Read tab above and scrolling down to 'This is How it Starts'  

It's been a good week in the writing cave I'm polishing up my WIP and submitting it so a busy couple of weeks ahead. 

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Sunday, 9 March 2014

#SexySnippets The Boy the Tiger Ate

My seven sexy snippets come from a short free read that featured on the Nuthouse blog during the summer. It just slipped from my fingertips with no effort at all and is one of those pieces that when I read it back I forget I wrote it. One of my favourites and maybe just maybe I'll elongate it and make it into a full story at some point.

The Boy the Tiger Ate is a circus story about the lost souls that inhabit its world and how love can be found anywhere.

Giuseppe didn't utter a word as she undressed in front of him. His throat was desert dry as she swayed and shimmied towards him, her body creamy, silken and exposed to his hungry gaze. He had seen dirty postcards of women but reality was so much better.
"I've felt you watch me. It's turned me on." She shucked out of her bottoms, came to stand right in front of him and reached for him again.
Giuseppe caught her hand in one of his big calloused palms.
"I am a monster," he whispered.
"Because you survived the tiger? Don't you know that makes you a God? These are the marks of a warrior. A boy so strong he was eaten by a tiger and lived." Cathy placed her soft lips on a bite scar over his right nipple.

The full story is free to read on the Nuthouse blog 

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