The Best Part of Breaking Up

The Best Part of Breaking Up

The Real Deal

The Real Deal

Saturday, 9 August 2014

#sexysnippets My Sheikh

While procrastinating between finishing my college sweethearts story my new sheikh story kept nudging me. This sheikh of mine is demanding to be heard!! This week my seven sentences come from 'Forgetting  to Remember You" my story about the archaeologist and the sheikh. 

Rahim let go of her waist and she landed delicately on a pair of six inch, silver, sequined heels.This woman was a harlot.Her place was in a harem not giving him advice on one of the most important programmes of government his country had ever had."Then may the Gods help you Eliza. I fully intend to protect myself where you are concerned."  He gripped her chin with his long fingers. "You may never need to fight off gangs of white slave traders but you will have to fight me."  His mouth hovered over hers. 

I do love a Sheikh :)  and he'll keep me company while waiting for my story with Evernight Publishing to be released. 

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Sunday, 3 August 2014

#sexysnippets new wip/old wip

Happy sexy snippets Sunday folks.  In the writing cave this weekend I'm inbox stalking waiting to see if the publisher likes the changes I've made to 'The Best Part of Breaking Up' and will they go ahead and accept it eeek :)

Naturally I'm turning my head to other projects and it's a real struggle this week to tell my Sheikh story (he is very vocal) or finish my wip 'Unrequited' which is a lot further down the line in the writing process. I started 'Unrequited' roughly two years ago and it's a tale very close to my heart very loosely based on someone very dear to me.

So today's seven sexy snippets comes from 'Unrequited'. The story is based on the relationship of Emmeline and Alex who have been friends since college and the consequences of failing for your best friend and what happens when you've got to work at a relationship not just dream about it.

At the beginning of the story the two would be lovers have been estranged for a number of years but absence makes the heart grow fonder and very swiftly their platonic relationship turns hot. In this scene Alex is returning from a conference in a plush Las Vegas hotel while Emme has spent the day sampling the delights of the hotel spa, stuck in the elevator with other guests there is little one another can do other than tease :)

   ‘Nice robe,’ he told her quietly raising an eyebrow suggestively.

Emme raised her face and looked directly at her lover noting the molten heat in the dark depths of his pupils.   She ought to be embarrassed the other couple in the lift were not hiding their curiosity.He was such a tease!
   ‘Compliments of the’s very soft.’  She stroked along the collar of the robe which drew Alex’s eyes downwards.
   ‘Looks you could bury yourself in it.’

    Emme narrowed her eyes at him smugly, ‘Yes you could bury yourself deep.’ 

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