The Best Part of Breaking Up

The Best Part of Breaking Up

The Real Deal

The Real Deal

Sunday, 24 July 2016

Forgetting to Remember You #wip

Today's snippet is a little extract from the early chapters of my sheikh story. It is a time in the story when the h&h are both denying how they feel about one another. They are definitely not acting on their feelings at this stage. 

“Not really your highness I'm just hot.”
The irony of her words were not lost on him. With her t-shirt clinging to her curves and the darkness of her hair catching the light she was gorgeous. Dangerous, he reminded himself, dangerous to everything he needed to keep track of. His head wasn't cooperating with that thought. The temptation to slip into the pool and catch her up in his arms was strong. He was an expert at denying himself many pleasures but this might be one temptation he couldn't. Preservation spoke sense to him and reminded Rahim that she was light on food, heavy on a full bodied red and angry enough at him to be resourceful. 

Sunday, 27 March 2016

Forgetting to Remember You #WIP #Comingsoon #HotSheikh

Welcome to my seven sexy snippets. This is a fun meme run weekly by the Nuthouse Scribblers. Please follow the other sexy snippets by clicking the link at the bottom of this post.

My sexy snippet this week comes from my current WIP Forgetting to Remember You. Previous snippets from this work can be found down below.  At this point in the story my sexy Sheikh Rahim has recovered his memory and has lost time to make up for with his lady. 

"Come with me," he whispered.
Every pulse in her body jolted as their hands intertwined.
"I can feel you heart beat Liza."
He drew her close, lifted her into his arms and place a butterfly kiss that fluttered behind her ear. "Beauty, This will be incredible."
He took her to his room, it shouldn't matter where he took her but it did.
The simple but immense bed reflected the man; its size his power and the cotton sheets the humbleness behind it.

Sunday, 21 February 2016

#Sexysnippets Forgetting to Remember You #comingsoon

When inspiration comes from everything. I forgot I had this stored away. This photograph was the inspiration for my current WIP 'Forgetting to Remember You'. Today I have been hacking out the plot details and I had forgotten that this is the scene I wished to include until quite by chance I was looking for something else and instead found the photograph above. Suddenly an entire chapter opens up and many plot issues have been resolved for me.  My sexy snippet is from that chapter today. 

Sheikh Rahim is struggling to control the archaeologist and project manager of his legacy project Eliza. She defies all protocol and safety procedures in a way that drives him crazy.  In this chapter the city is under threat of riot and Eliza has wandered out into the streets distressed because Rahim has forgotten who she is after an incident in the desert.

"Eliza, you little fool," Rahim emerged from his guards and caught her up against him, "When are you ever going to listen to me."  
"Rahim. You remember me." She cried, her eyes wide in wonder and glistening with tears as suddenly the riot police made a dash for the crowd.
He dragged her to her knees, holding her head against his chest while she shook in his arms.  
"Oh My God you remember." she whispered over and over as the marching feet and beating truncheons deafened her.
He held her beneath him, protecting her with his body and did the only thing he could think would distract her from the violence around them.
He kissed her sweet, soft mouth, moulded her curves against the hardness of his and allowed all the hunger he had forgotten since their time in the desert to surface.
"Yes beauty I remember."

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Sunday, 31 January 2016

Forgetting to Remember You WIP

My sexy sheikh is the strong and silent type so much so that he often doesn't want to tell me his story.  It makes it awkward when trying to write it :) I'm writing this more in scenes than chapters, as they come to me; not a process that I recommend but in time the work will be done and the end will justify the means.   

Here are seven sentences from my tale of the archaeologist and the sheikh. This is a scene early on in the story when the sheikh is still able to resist the lady in his life but she is not so controlled. 

“It might amuse you to put me into your harem but I’m not going!”  Eliza shook with temper.
“I do not have a harem,” Rahim said calmly, “I have a gym.” Very nonchalantly he removed his linen shirt and tossed it over his shoulder. 
“The exercise may not be as exciting but you're welcome to join me all the same.” The challenge was there in the black depths of his eyes. Eliza was completely mesmerised by the hewed golden torso on display, the breadth of shoulder and the strength of those biceps she had already felt holding her.  She hated gyms but at that moment all her objections to them and even harems were disappearing south along with her common sense.  

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